How to Ship goods from USA, China, Turkey, India, Bangkok to Kenya/EAC

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The shipping of goods overseas is likely to pose a lot of challenges, especially when an individual is single-handedly doing it. However, using an experienced hand or company to do it for you is proven to be much easier and cheaper. Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd is one of the most experienced shipping companies in Kenya, they handle the shipping of goods from overseas, USA, China, Dubai, Turkey, Bangkok, India to East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The company handles both small and large scale shipping to a destination of your own choice. Sahan Cargo specializes in the transportation of commodities and services of any nature, be it fragile or private. The company not only offers air freight in Kenya but also Sea freight and warehousing solutions. Further, Sahan Cargo has a variety of customized services and can deliver commodities at specified dates.

The company has scheduled flights globally every week making it possible for you to get your goods from far overseas in time. Sahan Cargo is the most convenient shipping company for the delivery of urgent goods and documents to Kenya. The company assures its clients with security options that are also cost-efficient. The cost of shipping from overseas is, at times expensive, but the Sahan Cargo has come up with better solutions that will cushion you the cost of shipping your goods overseas.

Currently, Sahan Cargo and clearing Ltd is the only shipping company in Kenya that offers a reasonable rate of shipping from the USA, CHINA, UAE to Kenya. The company will further deliver the goods to your destination of choice, such as Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, amongst other significant towns in the country. When you need to ship cargo from abroad; then Sahan Cargo should be your first option. The advantage of seeking out services from Sahan Cargo are varied from cost-saving to even getting your goods shipped on time and without any damages.

Scheduled flights for Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd from different countries include as follows;

  • Monday & Thursday – DUBAI
  • Wednesday & Friday – CHINA

Official Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd contacts;

  • DUBAI OFFICE :+971555455330
  • DUBAI W/house : +971524044310
  • CHINA OFFICE : +8613711144452
  • CHINA W/house : +8618054271364
  • TURKEY OFFICE : +905526202078
  • BANGKOK OFFICE : +6622535155
  • INDIA OFFICE : + 919820896330
  • USA OFFICE : +12126294133
  • NAIROBI OFFICE: +254722226682/3


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