State seeks to cut seafarers’ income gap

Kenya has moved to secure the welfare of seafarers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic by gazetting the Maritime Wage Council. The moves the country closer to resolving the current disparity in wages between Kenyan seafarers and those from other countries which have an established wage standard, ensuring that locals receive fair pay for equal work onboard ships.

Ms Nancy Karigithu, the Principal Secretary in charge of the State Department of Shipping and Maritime Affairs said the government was keenly following up on the development of a Wage Standard for Kenyan seafarers.

The standard wage will enable Kenya to meet its obligations under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 of minimum working and living standards for all seafarers and will set a level-playing field for ship owners. Maritime expert Andrew Mwangura said the establishment of the maritime wage standards for Kenyan seafarers is a milestone towards better employment conditions.

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