What Does Dry Van Mean in Trucking?

The dry van transportation services are used widely worldwide by many companies, causing a substantial amount of expenses for them. Take a look at our dry van freight shipping rates for 2021 and book a service that will generate the lowest dry van shipping costs for your company.

What does dry van transportation mean in trucking?

Companies request dry van transportation services to transport different freight types from point A to the end destination. These services are most suitable for cargo that does not require temperature-controlled vehicles during transit. The load is travelling in a fully sealed and enclosed vehicle, looking “like a box”, with a loading and unloading door on the back of the truck.

Companies can book two methods for dry van transportation services:

  • Less than Truckload services (LTL) – Shared truckload services are suitable for freight that is not enough to fill a whole truck, but only a portion of it. The exporter can send them either as stacked palletised cargo or non-stacked goods on a pallet. The vehicle makes a couple of stops during transit, making it a bit slower method of delivery.
  • Full Truckload services (FTL) – In this case, the exporter is booking the dry van transportation services for goods that are enough to fill a whole truck’s capacity. The goods are transported directly to the chosen destination.

At Eurosender, we are taking a step further to the delivery alternatives. We offer you the safest and direct delivery service at the most affordable prices starting from 0.48 EUR/km – the Van Delivery service!

Now that we have explained what dry van transportation means in trucking terms let us look at the dry van freight shipping rates for 2021!

Please bear in mind that the presented prices may not be final and are representative for registered businesses. Our logistics experts are handling each case individually and will provide you with assistance and quote for your deisred route upon request.

Most common LTL routes and rates for 2021 – Prices starting from 1.05 €/km

Countries Route Price
Germany – Austria Munich – Vienna 440.00 €
Germany – Netherlands Berlin – Amsterdam 740.50 €
Germany – Netherlands Cologne – Amsterdam 370.00 €
France – Italy Lyon – Milan 489.35 €
Netherlands – France Amsterdam – Paris 584.30 €
Italy – Germany Milan – Munich 537.65 €
Belgium – France Brussels – Paris 370.00 €

Most common FTL rates and routes for 2021 – Prices starting from 1.05 €/km

Countries Route Price
Germany – Austria Berlin – Vienna 735.05 €
Germany – Netherlands Munich – Amsterdam 926.40 €
Germany – Netherlands Dusseldorf – Amsterdam 370.00 €
France – Italy Paris – Milan 913.55 €
Netherlands – France Rotterdam – Paris 518.30 €
Italy – Germany Bergamo – Munich 556.55 €
Belgium – France Antwerp- Paris 379.10 €

Popular van delivery routes and rates – Prices starting from 0.48 €/km

Country Route Curtain side van Box van
Germany – Germany Hamburg – Frankfurt 345.47 € 260.00 €
Germany – Austria Munich – Vienna 345.47 € 260.00 €
Germany – Netherlands Berlin – Amsterdam 409.87 € 324.40 €
Germany – Netherlands Cologne – Amsterdam 345.47 € 260.00 €
France – France Paris – Lyon 345.47 € 260.00 €
France – Italy Lyon – Milan 345.47 € 260.00 €
Netherlands – France Amsterdam – Paris 345.47 € 260.00 €
Italy – Germany Milan – Munich 366.62 € 281.15 €
Belgium – France Brussels – Paris 345.47 € 260.00 €

Use our booking tool to find out the dry van freight shipping rates for 2021 for the route of your choosing!

What are the benefits of using dry van transportation services?

  • Reliable delivery. Specialised carriers are taking care of the freight transport, and in most cases, you can schedule the pick up at your convenience.
  • Reduced costs. You can choose the service that will have your business save on dry van shipping costs. You can book a portion of the truck if you do not have enough goods to fill the capacity, so you will pay only for the space you are using instead of the whole truck.
  • Many types of freight. You can choose this type of transport for most non-perishable goods, or basically, anything else that can fit into the trailer!
  • Theft protection. This type of transport is relatively safe due to the trailer’s closed and protective solid structure, making it harder to breach inside by anyone. Not only this, but the goods are safe from bad weather conditions due to the intense protection.

At Eurosender, you will receive all of the benefits mentioned above through our network’s carriers and more! The greatest advantage of booking the dry van transportation service through us is that we work with many carriers that can meet all of your shipping demands at any time. Choose a reliable transportation service with the most competitive dry freight shipping rates for 2021 through us.

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