How to Ship Perishable Goods

The market for food and grocery delivery has grown and become a source of income to many farmers across the continent. However, finding ways to affordably and safely ship perishable items to consumers can be a challenge. Since your business depends on goods arriving as fresh as the day they were caught or created, Sahan Cargo and Clearing Limited have quite an experience when it comes to handling and shipping perishable goods at affordable rates.

Goods Safety

When shipping perishable goods, we’re up against a few challenges, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, staleness, or even spoilage. The keys to keeping perishable shipments fresh are insulation and refrigeration; keeping heat and moisture out and cool temperatures in. We use cold packs as an option when shipping refrigerated perishable and semi-perishable food. There are many options for cold packs that are selected based on the type of and amount of food you’re shipping, the temperature it’s regulated at, the temperatures it will be shipped at, and how long it needs to stay cold.

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