Best Practices In Shipping Electronics

There are different sizes and shapes when it comes to electronics and kitchenware. Sahan Cargo is a fully-fledged company that ensures that you can import any item you want, without any hustle and within your budget. This is why thousands of companies and individuals in East Africa have trusted us with their importation, making us the best shipping company from China to Kenya.

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In shipping electronics: –

  • We ensure that they are unplugged. Before shipping, we ensure that electronics such as refrigerators had been unplugged for at least 24 hours, making sure that they have drained excess ice and water.
  • For items such as microwave ovens, we ensure that the inner tables are tapped to eliminate movement and damages to the glass door.
  • Sahan Cargo geniuses ensure that they peruse through the device manual, noting any special consideration that might need to be implemented in shipping a particular item.
  • Sahan Cargo safeguards batteries of shipping items since they are hazardous to the shipping process. Often, batteries have been a source of causing a fire due to the production of heat and spackles when they rub against the terminals during transportation.
  • In organizing space, Sahan cargo ensures that the organization of the items is in the top state by separating the cords and accessories, arranging them in a more organized manner. This ensures ease in the organization, labeling, and identifying the materials.

Sahan cargo is dedicated to improving customer experience and secure shipping experience.

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