Can I Ship Rubbing (Isopropyl or Ethanol) Alcohol by Courier?

Can I mail rubbing alcohol or ship it by courier?

Rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl, is a flammable substance; thus, potentially hazardous. Products containing isopropyl or ethanol alcohol should be carefully handled, and not every carrier can execute such transportation.

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated strictly by specific country regulations to avoid any unwanted scenarios. These regulations were imposed for safety reasons as such chemicals can cause harm to the carrier, damage other packages during transportation or damage sorting machines. During the handling process, these products may change their chemical compound, temperature, frictions, etc., that could lead the product to explode, combust, or emit environmentally unfriendly odors. Carriers have therefore imposed some shipping requirements for isopropyl and ethanol alcohol.

Can I ship hand sanitizers or wipes containing rubbing alcohol?

Some courier companies will allow you to ship small quantities of hand sanitizers or wipes containing rubbing or ethanol alcohol. However, bear in mind that it still has to be done following specific rules.

For instance, some carriers will allow you to send these products by signing a specific contract that complies with the carriers’ regulations. The product’s specifications will have to be within the limits of the carriers’ requirements quantity and level of chemicals used. These products may also not be accepted at the standard drop-off centers, but there may be assigned a specific location designated only for such products. Other carriers can offer domestic shipping of rubbing alcohol, as they can arrange the delivery by road, and not by air.

Before shipping isopropyl alcohol, please note that this is a matter that varies from carrier to carrier, and for more details, we advise you to check the carriers’ website and read their rules and requirements.

Is isopropyl alcohol dangerous?

Rubbing alcohol is a highly flammable substance, and as such, should not be exposed to high temperatures, sparks, or flame. Thus, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are dangerous for transportation if they are not handled with appropriate care. Make sure before transportation, you follow the shipping requirements for isopropyl alcohol imposed by the carrier. Pure rubbing alcohol is not only hazardous for transport but due to its toxic substances, it is also dangerous to humans.

Can I mail Lysol disinfectant spray?

Lysol sprays are aerosols, and as such, cannot be shipped by regular mail or through standard courier services. Aerosols belong in the group of Dangerous goods for transport and need specific requirements for shipping.

However, if you are looking to buy Lysol or any other disinfectant spray, you can look at various online marketplaces that deliver them. An example where can you look for disinfectants online are Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Staples.

What are my alternatives if I cannot ship disinfectants with rubbing alcohol?

Did you know there are many disinfectants not containing various chemical compounds in their formulation? As such, you can either make a homemade one or look for someone that is selling disinfectants not containing alcohol.

Disinfectants, wipes and else, not containing alcohol or any other chemical compound that is considered dangerous, can be shipped through courier companies or mail.

At Sahan Cargo, we care about our customers and your requirements. We invite you to look at all that you can send through our platform, for an efficient and safe transport solution.

Can I ship ethanol samples? Are there any ethanol shipping regulations?

Even though ethanol can be found in many products, from personal care, household and also food additives, it is a compound that can be harmful if not used properly. The usage of ethanol is highly regulated by various bureaus and administrations to make sure the end products will not cause any damage to the end-user.

Thus, shipping ethanol samples is only possible if it complies with the carries’ regulations.

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