Sending Frozen Food by Courier

Sending Frozen Food by Courier

Before deciding for the cheapest way to ship frozen food, make sure that the courier of your choice can actually offer temperature-controlled shipping. Whether you are sending frozen soups long-distance, shipping frozen cookie dough, sourdough bread or else.

Can I send frozen meals by courier?

Yes, you can send many different types of frozen food within the same country as long as transportation is refrigerated. Bear in mind that you should choose to risk sending the goods with a regular courier service by choosing the fastest shipping to send frozen meals by courier, due to their composition, they may not sustain during transportation.

Please note that not every courier can offer an international shipping service for frozen food. Some courier companies have additional regulations and requirements; thus, we recommend you to check this with the chosen courier.

Things to take check before booking the cheapest way to ship frozen food

It is important to note that the lowest cost of transport does not always guarantee safe delivery of the goods. There are a couple of things to consider before you start the whole shipping process.

  • Check if the courier company is specialized in the transportation of refrigerated items and if they can carry out such transportation.
  • Check if the transportation provider holds any certificates that will reassure you of the high-quality service.
  • Further, explore if the company that offers you the transportation solution for cooling products can maintain the required temperature for shipping the frozen items.
  • Check the product cooling requirements, as each product has different specifications. To make sure that you have chosen the right shipping service, check online if the product needs some special handling.

Common mistakes when sending different types of frozen food by courier

The most common mistakes that shippers make before sending frozen meals by courier are:

  • Not following the provided guidelines. Some courier companies may have different requirements for different types of food; therefore, check with the selected courier in advance.
  • Choosing long transit times. Many people would be tempted to book the cheapest way to ship frozen food to another location, and often, the more affordable the shipping service, the longer the transit time,
  • Not pre-cooling the products. The product will last longer in transit if it has a specific pre-cooled temperature; therefore, cool the products in advance.
  • What packing materials do I need for shipping different frozen products?

    Choose the appropriate and recommended packaging materials for these types of products:

    • Plastic liners, wraps and bags will serve as an additional precaution and avoid contact between the products; thus, prevent any potential bacteria reaching the food.
    • See to add dry ice inside the box to keep the product cold. Note that you should not touch the dry ice with bare hands, but instead use gloves. Make sure that you read how to correctly prepare a shipment containing dry ice, as the dry ice sublimates, turns to gas and you want to avoid damage to the load or the environment around it.
    • Acquire insulated or other thicker containers to ensure the food stays cold during transit.

    Please note that you cannot ship by air, boxes containing dry ice, as if not handled correctly, it can be a rather explosive component. Before sending frozen sourdough bread, cookie dough, soups or frozen deer meat with dry ice, make sure you check the courier company’s regulations regarding shipments containing dry ice.

    How can I ship frozen sourdough bread?

    Firstly, you would need to adjust the baking time with the intended shipping date and time. Then, bake the bread one day before shipping and freeze it.

    When shipping frozen sourdough bread, do not opt to place it in a plastic container for shipping as the container can keep the moisture inside and have the bread mould. Instead, ship the bread in a plastic wrap and secure it with stickers.

    Shipping frozen cookie dough internationally

    You can ship frozen cookie dough by placing the cookie tub inside a thicker insulated container and adding dry ice inside to keep the product cold during transit. Then place the shipment inside a box and leave some space for the gas to escape.

    Shipping frozen pizza across the country

    Freeze the pizza overnight and take it out shortly before handing in the parcel for delivery. Add plastic wrap around the pizza and additional wrapping materials to avoid the dry ice touching the food. Place some dry ice inside the insulated box, add supplemental packing materials and seal the box. Make sure there is space that the dry ice escapes.

    Sending frozen soups to long-distance

    Soups may be a bit more delicate for shipping; however, the transportation process does not differ much from the rest of the suggested items. Before shipping, make sure you have chosen the appropriate packaging for the soup to avoid spillage. Choose insulated bags or containers to ensure they stay cold during transit and add the dry ice. Place them inside a bigger box and add the packing peanuts to finish the packing process.

    How can I ship frozen deer meat by courier?

    Choose a box appropriate to the size of the frozen meat you are sending. Then, wrap the meat in freezer wrap and add a piece of paper to cover the shipment. Place your meat inside the insulated container and add the dry ice. If using containers with lids, do not seal them entirely, and not too tightly. The dry ice must get out properly. Add the container inside a box, close it, and leave some space for the gas to escape.

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