When My Parcel Weighs More Than What Is on The Label

The weight indication on these packages can often differ from what is indicated in the box. With you have paid for the shipping charges displayed on the package, the question remains whether the courier or the shipping company will require you to pay more for shipping. It is crucial to note that Sahan Cargo will require you to provide an accurate description of the package’s length since this helps determine the ideal shipping routes. Additionally, it is also essential to provide us with information that might include any modifications that will be required for the business. This information will help the business avoiding any surcharges that might be imposed on the package.

On the other hand, there are several crucial requirements that Sahan Cargo might require of you. This information helps avoid overcharging you in any case whatsoever. First, we encourage you to collect accurate information from the courier company regarding the package’s dimensions. Having this information will help with avoiding additional charges imposed by the courier. Additionally, if you realize that the packaging is underweighted, reporting this is crucial since this will give you a chance to have your package repackaged. It is always ideal for remarking an order with our shipping packages and thus, making amends with underweights. Alternatively, talking to Sahan Cargo’s team, whose extensive expertise in dealing with shipping will adequately ensure that the problem is rectified. More so, we can help with paying for the additional shipping associated with the package that you are shipping. If notified in advance or as soon as you identify the difference in charging, it would be easy to refine the order and solve the challenge before it’s too late.

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