What are the global logistics barriers?

In such a globalized world, it is impossible to imagine an economy without the presence of logistics. But do not think that moving objects and goods around the globe is an easy task, as the logistics sector faces constant challenges and adversities.

The logistics industry consists of a vast network of contacts, organization and technology. Thus, while it is indispensable, it is also complicated, bureaucratic and competitive. Below we list 3 of the leading global logistics challenges:

Everchanging customers’ needs Delivery time Security
Customized orders are seen both as logistics problems and solutions. A solution for the customers and a present challenge for the industry; as this industry requires more resources, such as financing, staffing and time, to keep up with the constant customer demands. It is one of the key challenges facing logistics today. With an extensive network of shipments and deliveries, any flaw that occurs in any region can directly affect the delivery time of the orders. For the shipment to reach its final destination, many people are involved in the shipping and transportation process. Unless everyone involved does their due diligence, security may become a problem.

How does Sahan Cargo help businesses to overcome logistics challenges?

Sahan Cargo offers a complete platform with individual logistics solutions tailored to your needs which is the perfect way to improve your logistics process efficiency. With our platform you:

  • Have access to comprehensive logistics solutions;
  • Have greater control and lower costs with your shipments;
  • Customized solutions for shipments with complex requirements;
  • End-to-end support by highly trained logistics experts.

Despite the global logistics barriers, Eurosender manages to circumvent them and offer a safe, cheap, on-time and exclusively dedicated service. Our broad portfolio of services guarantees you the best transportation options at the lowest rates for any occasion. Allow us to help you improve the logistics processes and increase the profitability of your business by offering you:

Ever-changing customers needs Delivery time Security
At Sahan cargo, we work with customized orders to offer the best solution to our customers. But for us, this is not a challenge. We have a team of logistics experts working closely with each case in more than 15 languages. Our FTL (Full Truck Load) and Van Delivery services are fully dedicated to your needs, with direct routes and short transit times. Also, our platform allows you to estimate the delivery time before booking the service. After collection, you will be provided with a tracking number so you can track your delivery. Safety is a priority, so we only work with the most reliable couriers. Besides, our FTL and Van Delivery services have no stopover and further ensures the safety of your goods. Our experts also offer assistance throughout the transportation process.

Do you want to know more about how can Eurosender improve your logistics process efficiency?

Key issues and challenges associated with logistics:

  1. Fuel costs: Transportation problems are a significant issue in the logistics industry. The companies are striving to provide low cost and high-quality service in this competitive market but are often caught facing the rise in fuel costs. This affects the final price of their service to the public directly and causes a decrease in their demand.
  2. Business process improvement: For having a leading business, the business process must be continuously updated. Business processes that are not improved cause losses of productivity and efficiency.
  3. Customer service: It’s a critical part of defining if the customer will reuse your service or not. And also, one of the leading complaints of customers of this segment. Customers want full transparency about their shipment all the time and are not aware of the problems carriers faces.
  4. Economy: The logistics industry depends directly on the state of the economy, which makes it often unstable. As the world economy is connected, any harmful interference in any part of the world will directly affect the logistics sector.
  5. Strikes: The logistics industry is one of the leading on having employees strikes, which cause a delay in the order’s delivery and dissatisfaction of the clients.
  6. Compliance with regulations: The regulations vary according to the territory and means of transport, and they are frequently updated. These variations make it difficult for companies to comply and follow the constant updates and often reach a third party to manage the required documentation.
  7. Logistics management: It is associated with complete control of actions in the logistics industry: a complex process that demands tracking, multi-unit communications, timely decisions and synchronization of units and departments. These demands must be continuously improved in order for your company to provide quality service and have a competitive advantage.
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