Technology on the logistic industry

It is clear that the evolution of technology is transforming the world and all the industries have been transformed in one way or the other. In the most recent event, COVID has impacted the way that we operate and the way that people do business. In a long time, businesses, government offices as well as other institutions were forced to close their doors. Only the businesses that had implemented the use of technology in their operation were fully functioning. The logistics industry was also tremendously affected in various ways. For Sahan Cargo, this has affected the way that we handle our shipping, how we handle our freight as well as the structure of our supply chain.

With the continuous usage of technology, the consumers have developed the need to receive their shipped items within the shortest time possible. More so, we have noticed, and are in the process of enrolling flexible deliveries where the consumers can receive their product at their most appropriate destinations. Sahan cargo, being the best shipping company in Kenya has been in the front line in the establishment of location-specific deliveries of your cargo.

Through the implementation of technology, the Sahan supply chain has been transformed tremendously, increasing our customer service and enhancing freight management. This is complemented by the fact that Sahan Cargo has implemented technology that helps our customers in tracking their cargo in real-time. This plays a part in enhancing our delivery of the cargo as well as manage our inventories and warehouses. To Sahan Cargo, the ability to track what is going on in the shipment helps in communicating with the various parties involved in the shipping of our products.

Technology has also revamped Sahan Cargo’s customer experience. One thing we have to promise you is the experience that you have had from no other clearing and forwarding company in Kenya. Through the implementation and use of State of the art GPRS systems, we can make deliveries faster and much more ideal when it comes to shipping your products. This allows our drivers to make use of the most efficient routes when making their deliveries as well as make use of accurate location when delivering your products.

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