Shipping Automotive To Kenya

What you should know about Shipping automotive to Kenya

Do you understand the various items that you need to consider with importing your favorite automotive? In this Article, Sahan Cargo & Clearing Limited will provide you with a list of things that are crucial in allowing you to import your favorite automotive from around the globe. Being a non-production country, Kenya has been in the front line of importing vehicles from abroad. Thus, there are various requirements that Sahan Cargo, having been in the business for a very long time, has identified to be crucial towards importing a vehicle. Below is a list of the required items that are necessary to help Sahan Cargo and Clearing Limited import your vehicle.

Required documentation

  1. The motor vehicle title and registration
  2. Proof of Purchasing the motor vehicle
  • Proof of insurance
  1. Invoice for paid duties
  2. Proof of residency in Kenya
  3. License or a picture of your Identification
  • KRA PIN certificate
  • Certificate of conformity
  1. Declaration form
  2. A valid work permit.

Sahan Cargo and Clearing Limited also insists that the owner of the vehicle be present on the day that the vehicle arrival is due. It could either be in the port of Mombasa, the port of Lamu, or the port of Malindi.

With a motor vehicle, there are two ways of shipping the same. This could either be through Container shipping or the RO/RO shipping. Sahan Cargo and Clearing Limited Container shipping is ideal for individuals who will have security from the fact that the container has variation in the size as well as offers external protection to the vehicle being transported. The RO/RO shipping is where the car remains empty and can get onto and off the ship. This is a cheaper model of importing cars where they stay open. However, there are a few accessories, including the mats, the car jack, and the car tire.

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