Importance of Company Collaboration in reducing Shipping Emissions

Did you know that there is increasing levels of carbon emissions every day? The shipping industry is one of the main contributors to this. In the transport industry, the levels of emissions , carbon waste in this industry are significantly higher. Thus, in a bid to contribute to the realization of the low carbon economy, Sahan Cargo & Clearing Ltd has over the years, increased its efforts towards the same. Sahan Cargo has been on the front line when it comes to collaborating with other stakeholders in the shipping industry to ensure that our business does not leave a significantly large carbon footprint that is expected. Sahan Cargo has been on the front line when supporting low carbon initiatives in the aviation industry. This is through supporting the use of a standard gauge railway when it comes to transporting cargo from the port to Nairobi.

Since the cost of the carbon emissions during cargo transportation comes from the ocean segment, Sahan Cargo & Clearing Ltd has also collaborated with shipping companies that ship from China to Kenya, from the US to Kenya, from Dubai to Kenya, and many others in ensuring that the process is smooth. Alternatively, this has earned the business the title of the best shipping business in Kenya. More so, Sahan Cargo has worked with experts in carbon emissions, ensuring that its supply chain is in the front line, reducing the amount of carbon emission.

Sahan Cargo & Clearing Ltd is in the frontline when collaborating with shipping companies that monitor, report, and verify the amount of CO2 that their vessels emit in the atmosphere. Through this, Sahan Cargo can build its preferences and, at the same time, collaborate with parties that are conscious when it comes to reducing shipping carbon emissions.

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