How To Ship Fragile Goods To East Africa-Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

The process of shipping products can be quite tough but in an event of shipping fragile items it becomes much tougher. The process requires carefulness because when items breaks then one faces the consequences of bearing the loss, and on the other side you end up with an unhappy client. However, if you wondering if it is possible to send fragile goods, then worry no more. Below are some of the ways that will help in the packaging of fragile goods.

Which is the Most Suitable Material to Use in Packaging of Fragile items?

One of the first things to consider is the use of high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes for each of your parcels. Shipping of fragile goods requires at least double wall boxes.  The process also requires that you check on the box specifications to see whether the descriptions on weight favor your fragile items. If you chose to ship through Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd, then you don’t have to worry about the packaging because the services offered include a solid Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd box.

Protection of Fragile Items

When packing Sahan Cargo and Clearing LTD ensure that the fragile items are tightly held in place. The reason is that if space is left for movement then the fragile item can easily break. However, stuffing too much goods in one box is also not suitable and hence, it requires you to perfectly choose the right box size for your parcel. Additionally, at Sahan Cargo and Clearing LTD we fill empty spaces in a box using foam peanuts, for instance. In case you want to ship multiple items then you can carefully pack them in a box and separate them using partitions.



Use of the H-Taping Method

As Sahan Cargo and Clearing Ltd, we recommend the use of H-Tapping Method when sealing your products:

  • Keenly apply tape along the length of the box at the point where flaps meet.
  • Seal all sides of the cardboard box using tape.


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