How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Crate?

How do I ship a wooden crate?

There are many ways that you can ship a crate to any location. First and most important, you have to find the right wooden crate to use for transport of your goods. One way to do that is to hire a crating company, purchase a pre-made box or get a custom made one fit the items accordingly.

How much does it cost to ship a crate with Sahan Cargo?

When you let Sahan cargo organise the transport for you, you can stop worrying how much will it cost you to ship the crate, as our platform has the most competitive prices on the market. Not only that but, our platform is designed to save our customers time, so we have divided our services accordingly.

How much does it cost to ship a crate for registered businesses?

By working with a vast network of international logistics providers, we can provide all registered businesses with countless benefits! Apart from getting the right logistics solution that matches your business shipping needs, you will also benefit from already negotiated prices, regardless of the volume you ship. Therefore, registered business users on our platform have access to lower rates than those shown on the booking engine.

Wooden crates packing advice when shipping overseas

We have compiled a guide to help you with the packing process, to ensure that the shipment is safe to travel.

  1. Get the right crate that fits all the items.
  2. We recommend you to wrap each item individually.
  3. Evenly place the items inside the wooden crate.
  4. Place the heavier items first, and then build from there.
  5. Use packing material to fill the voids.
  6. Mark, which end is upright.
  7. Attach the packing slip and bill of lading by using clear tape.

Are wooden crates safe for transport?

Every shipper is concerned with one thing, and that is to see their shipment will arrive safely to its destination, and as such, look at many available packing options that would endure various conditions during transit.

One option that many shippers consider is the wooden crates for transport. Crates and custom wood crates are relatively safer option when shipping.

Advantages of wood packaging

  • Easy to prepare.
  • You will be able to stack a more considerable amount of goods safely.
  • Unlike carton, the wood can sustain through snowfall, cold, humid, and salty conditions
  • The cargo will stay intact during transit thanks to its sturdy and wooden structure.
  • Carriers can easily handle the type of shipments.

Apart from being an eco-friendly alternative, it is clear to say that the wood is the type of material that has proven to be good at protecting the cargo, great at stacking, and relatively easier to store.

The sturdiness of the material provides the shipment with the maximum protection, regardless of the weather conditions. It is not a surprise why this type of wood packaging is preferred, starting from the very early age of trading, until today!

Disadvantages of using wooden crates for transportation

  • If you had a custom-made crate for just one order, you may not be able to reuse it.
  • The crate requires storage space until you use it again.
  • Wood may give off some odours.
  • May be a bit more expensive packing material.
  • Harder to handle.

Can any type of wood be used as packaging?

Unfortunately, not every wood is meant as a packaging material. Materials that fall in the category of wooden crates not intended for transport are those made with wood wool, veneer or if while treating, glue, heat and pressure have been used.

Thus, the acceptable crates suitable for shipping overseas are pallets, crates, crating, cases, skids and bins.


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