How Can You Keep Track Of Your Package?

It is often confusing to the consumers to see where their package is at after purchasing. But thanks to the technologies that we, at Sahan Cargo has implemented to help you track your package without stressing. In today’s world, there are millions of consumer who shop online and this number is getting larger by the day. As technology grows, the need to make purchases online and have your product delivered to your doorstep is also increasing. But the question that many face is, despite having a predefined number of shipping days stipulated when purchasing an item, how do you know where the package is at once you have made the purchase?

How to ensure speedy shipping

In order to answer this question, Sahan Cargo has been able to streamline its processes in order to make it easy for consumers to track their packages once they ship with us. We understand the importance that our consumer has when it comes to delivery of the ordered shipment. With late deliveries, various inconveniencies including halting of production by the consumer, disruption of schedules and in our side, there is an increased delay of other product.  This inconveniency is culminated in the customer calling, angry and wanting to know where is their freight.

There are multiple technologies that we use in tracking the locations of the shipment. We are able to see from whence the package leaves the original shipping location. With this, Sahan Cargo assures the consumer there is no need of worrying about where the cargo is at and the delivery time. In order to assure this, there are several things that the consumers must consider before shipping with us. To start with, providing us with the most accurate information regarding the package will help improve on the time that is taken to ship the package. This information include accurate package dimensions and weight. This helps avoid the costly and time consuming process of adjusting these.

The second thing that should help the consumers improve the delivery time of their package is ensuring that they package their packages in the most appropriate packet. Poorly packaged items will result into slower shipping as Sahan Cargo will take time to ensure that the package is properly packaged.

The consumer should also make sure that they clearly understand where the package is going. This is by providing Sahan Cargo with the most accurate information that will guide the company to delivering the package at the right location. We have experienced instances where the package arrives on time and we are delivering the package to the agree location. However, there is no one to receive the package or help with unpackging it.

Additionally, we also ensure that we are able to understand the road conditions as they are when the consumers make a choice of shipping with Sahan Cargo. This ensures that we are infomed on the maneuverability of the roads when it comes to delivering the package to you. This also helps us consider various factors such as the traffic conditions in giving you an ideal delivery time.

Tracking your package

When shipping your prackage, we make use of the AEI tags. These are the Automatic Equipment Identification tags which in most cases, we use when shipping various products like your next car, motorcycle of machinery. Through attaching these tags to the package, the consumer is able to get the actual location of their freight. More so, these tags comes in hand with providing the consumers with notification if their package is or will experience delays on transit. All this information is in real time, allowing the consumer to make decisions based on the reliable information.

Sahan Cargo has implemented a state of the art management system that allows tracking of your package prompt. With this system, the consumers can request realtime tracking reports of their packages. In connection with the AIE tags, this system helps us manage your freight in such a way that lets us inform you of where the package is at, when it will arrive as well as accurate timelines on collection.

Our website also allows the consumers to track their cargo by simply inputting their WayBill Number of the shipment. This is the frontline way when it comes to tracking your package as it is integrated with our robust system, providing you with realtime information.


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