COVID-19 Delayed Shipments | Effects on Holiday and Online Deliveries

The coronavirus impact on shipping delays is rather evident in the transportation industry. Many are wondering why is shipping slower during the pandemics and how will COVID affect the upcoming holiday shipping, and our shipping experts are here to advise you.

Coronavirus impact on shipping delays

Now more than ever, the logistics and transportation industry come to importance. The coronavirus has locked down thousands of stores worldwide, that lead to an increase in online shopping and deliveries around the world. The logistics sector is adapting to the most current changes and reacts rapidly to avoid delayed shipments due to COVID-19. Logistics companies and providers do everything in their power to avoid shipping delays during the pandemics; however, due to different countries rules and regulations, delays may be unavoidable.

Why was my shipment delayed due to COVID-19?

Lockdown restrictions in every country are the main reasons why is shipping slower during the pandemics. During this time, there may be additional rules for vehicles crossing the borders and also additional documents that customs officials require.

Another reason for delayed shipments due to COVID are many flight suspensions from different companies. Some companies work with reduced capacity for various reasons: company policies, government restrictions, health reasons.

Can I avoid the delay of shipments because of COVID-19?

By choosing the appropriate shipping service, there are fewer chances of delivery delays on shipments due to COVID-19. In such situations, we would recommend our Express service for shipping within 24-72 hours worldwide.

At Sahan Cargo, our team constantly oversees the operations and by working with many couriers, we are always able to shift the service to a different provider in case one faces delivery issues.

How to handle online, courier and IKEA shipping delays during coronavirus?

It is not a surprise that even companies such as IKEA are experiencing shipping delays during coronavirus. Companies are nowadays not working with their maximum capacity, and that is quite noticeable.

However, we have got a shipping solution for the problem you are facing. Our van delivery service is the right option for shipping Ikea furniture. You can fit all your items in one van, and have them delivered directly to the destination, without stopovers.

Can I contract coronavirus from shipping packages?

The chances of contracting coronavirus from shipping packages are low. The virus indeed can stay on some surfaces up to a couple of days; however, boxes may reach their final destinations even after those expected days. Not only that, but the handling of packages may expose them to different temperatures, to which it would be unlikely that the virus can survive for that long.

If you are worried that if you can contract coronavirus from shipping packages, we advise you to disinfect them before getting them inside your house. By disinfecting them, you will kill all the bacteria and potential infection.

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